All India Women’s conference Khar Constituent Branch

All India Women’s Conference Khar Constituent Branch
ALL INDIA WOMEN’S CONFERENCE is an all India body established by Mrs.Margaret Cusins, Mrs.Annie Besant and Mrs.Sarojini Naidu in 1926, with the objective of uplifting the position of women in India. Dignitaries like Smt.Hansa Mehta, Smt. Lakshmi Menon, Smt.Vijaylakshmi Pandit, Smt. Dhanvanti Rama Rao, Smt.Rameshwari Nehru, Smt.Renuka Ray, Smt.Meherbanoo Jhabwala and Smt. Pratibha Patil , were some of the outstanding workers of this organization. It has 500 branches all over India, divided into 9 zones.

Mumbai is in West Zone, having 24 constituent branches and Khar is one of them , established in 1937, by Smt. Meherbanoo Jhabwala a devoted social worker. This organization is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act (Registration No.E 989). The main aim of our organization is the upliftment of women and children. Our branch not only assists needy students by way of paying their fees but we also provide them with books, uniforms , lunch boxes, shoes, raincoats and other necessary items. We arrange from time to time awareness programmes for the women of low income groups.

At present the organization , under the Presidentship of Mrs. Meera Gandhi, alongwith the members of AIWC , Khar branch ,Mrs.Devyani Kulkarni , Mrs. Niranjana Shah ,Mrs. Chitra Vakil and others has taken up the “CLEAN MUMBAI , GREEN MUMBAI” , Project. Under this project, we ave taken up the task of cleaning up 10th Road , Khar and its surroundings and making it into a green and healthy area. To this effect we approached the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and with the help of their officials Mr. Rane (Asstt. Engineer) and Mr.Tambe (Supervisor) we have managed to rid 10th Road , Khar of garbage that was being deposited along the whole road. Also the corner of 10th Road, Khar , opposite the Kamlabai Nimbkar Library, where a huge dump of garbage was a perpetual sight , the BMC has under our insistence appointed Mukadams to keep vigil, as to why the garbage is being dumped there and who dumps the garbage there, inspite of the garbage collection trucks, collecting garbage twice a day. The BMC has also put up a Notice there, urging residents not to dump their garbage in that corner as there is a Library across where school and college students come to study.

To further beautify the area we propose to put huge pots with plants, so as to deter people from using it as a dumping ground.Further , under our Clean Mumbai , Green Mumbai project, we have distributed saplings and plants to the ladies in and around the area and also given them Tulsi saplings to plant in their compounds. The Westside Plus newspaper in Bombay Times, a supplement in the Times of India, carried an article and photograph of our activities.We at AIWC,Khar branch are in the process of implementing the usage of cloth bags for shopping and under this scheme, we propose to distribute at a minimal cost , cloth bags designed to carry 12kgs of groceries , house to house and educate housewives on the benefits of using cloth bags once again, just as our grandmothers did.In view of the varied activities carried out by us, we are in need of donations to fund our various Schemes.We have a dedicated committee who work tirelessly and conscientiously for the betterment of the lives of the poor and needy.

Reg. No. : E / 989
PAN No. : AAA TA 4201B
80G No. : DIT (E)/MC/80G/2492/2008/2008-09

President : Meera K. Gandhi   Tel. No. : +91 22-26494906   Mob. No. : +91 9892205680
Secretary : Lakshmi Chhabria   Tel. No. : +91 22-26052391   Mob. No. : +91 9892235766
Hon. Treasurer : Chitra Vskil   Tel. No. : +91 22-26763961        

Donation cheques are to be drawn in favour of “ALL INDIA WOMEN’S CONFERENCE , KHAR BRANCH”.



President -Sheela Kakde

Heartiest congratulations to our president smt. sheela r. kakde for being elected as secretary general aiwc new delhi. smt. sheela kakde created history as for the first time, election for the post of sec. general was uncontested.


From the President`s desk--- It is great pleasure for me to welcome and greet you all a Happy New Year! In my long journey of 25 years of Social Service , this is indeed a great moment for me to host this 82nd Annual conference of the All India Women`s Conference. It is really a gratifying thought, that at the beginning of my tenure as President of Mumbai Branch...


Padmabhushan,Dr. Sarojini Varadappan.

“ I am extremely happy to hear that Mumbai branch of the All India Women`s Conference is publishing the `Eighty years of Mumbai Branch` on the occasion of the 82nd Annual Conference to be held at Mumbai from 1st to 4th January 2010...


Dr. Dhairyabala Vora

I feel very proud and previledged to welcome all the guests and delegates to the 82nd Annual Conference of AIWC. It was in Mumbai, then known as Bombay that the seed of the organisation was sown and a small committee called the Social Reform and Education committee...


Annual Report

  Report of the 82nd annual conference

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