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Sion Wadala Kurla Chembur Mahila Mandal is a branch of All India Women’s Conference, A nationwide N.G.O working for the women.S.K.W.C Mahila Mandal was established in the year 1968. Registration Number. E – 4508. We also possess 80 G certificate. The Aim of Mandal is to help the needy women of the society not only economically, but to bring amongst them self confidence, self respect and responsibility for the welfare of their families and for the society too.

We also bring amongst them awakening by teaching them reading and writing, maintain cleanliness personally as well as in the family. Also we teach them how to fight against Poverty, equal rights and live peaceful happy life.

We run this Mandal like the center of Learning and Earning. We have 3 sections :
Canteen :
We make various masalas like Tea powder, Rasam powder, Sambhar powder, Garam masala, Haldi, Mirchi powder, Dhana Zeera powder. In pickle season, we make Gud Kairi, Khaman khatti kairi, Murabba, Gunda Kairi, & many other varieties of pickles.
Everyday fresh snacks like Banana wafers, Chakri, Sakkar Para, Poha Chiwda, Corn Chiwda,& many more varieties are prepared. We also supply lunch.
Quality and Cleanliness is always maintained.

Tailoring :
Women are taught tailoring. They have skill in recycling of old clothes, Quilts, Different variety of bags like – Saree bags, Purses, Batwas, Traveling sets and many other varieties are made from old pants and sarees.

Loom :
Women are trained. They weave dusters and colorful Durries from old Sarees & Dupattas.At present 40 women are taking benefits of the Mandal. Needy women are appointed for work. They learn to become liberate. Extra activities are also carried in the Mandal, so the worker members and life members get knowledge, entertainment and relaxation. Demonstrations and lectures are arranged regularly. Festivals are celebrated, sports activities are arranged.

We run Mandal’s activities by donations we receive from the donors. As a result we have established:
Vidya Nidhi :
The interest of Vidya Nidhi corpus fund is used for worker women’s children. We give them educational assistance like Scholarships, Books, Notebooks, Uniforms, etc.
We also help outside children specially who are Handicapped - Physically disable, Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Mentally retarded, Students suffering from Thaelesemia, Cancer or HIV aids who are recommended by the organizations. This is done as per the availability of extra funds.

Arogya Nidhi :
Nutritious diet lunch is provided to all the working women of the center every afternoon. Milk and Banana are given in the evening.
“Khichadi Ghar yojna” : We provide khichadi to worker members for their family in the evening.

“Grocery yojna” : Every month we provide groceries like - Sugar, Oil, Wheat Rice and Pulses to our working women. Medical Check ups are regularly done. In case of Hospitalization or Surgeries, financial help is also given. In case of their Family member’s illness, we try to help them too.

”Janashree Bima Yojna” : Accident insurance is taken for all our worker members.

”Future Welfare Yojna” : Mandal deposits Rs. 50/- in every workers S/A for future provision.

Ashrya Nidhi :
When the worker lady becomes Old, Weak, Ill or unable to work, Mandal provides some amount for Ration.All this is made possible by the selfless volunteers and all the generous donations given by Philanthropists. We try our utmost to fulfill the requirements to make their life peaceful.
We run legal Aid center in Mandal and Toy center in Sion Hospital . I request you on behalf of all the committee members to visit us whenever you can, to encourage our working women.

President:Smt. Manjuben Jani  Tel. No.:+91 26105681 Mob. No.:+91 9869148609
Secretary:Smt. Ramaben Vasant    Mob. No.:+91 9867599729
Treasurer:Smt. Dr. Mrudulaben Shah Tel. No.:+91 25068961 Mob. No.:+91 9967990077



President -Sheela Kakde

Heartiest congratulations to our president smt. sheela r. kakde for being elected as secretary general aiwc new delhi. smt. sheela kakde created history as for the first time, election for the post of sec. general was uncontested.


From the President`s desk--- It is great pleasure for me to welcome and greet you all a Happy New Year! In my long journey of 25 years of Social Service , this is indeed a great moment for me to host this 82nd Annual conference of the All India Women`s Conference. It is really a gratifying thought, that at the beginning of my tenure as President of Mumbai Branch...


Padmabhushan,Dr. Sarojini Varadappan.

“ I am extremely happy to hear that Mumbai branch of the All India Women`s Conference is publishing the `Eighty years of Mumbai Branch` on the occasion of the 82nd Annual Conference to be held at Mumbai from 1st to 4th January 2010...


Dr. Dhairyabala Vora

I feel very proud and previledged to welcome all the guests and delegates to the 82nd Annual Conference of AIWC. It was in Mumbai, then known as Bombay that the seed of the organisation was sown and a small committee called the Social Reform and Education committee...


Annual Report

  Report of the 82nd annual conference

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